Fractured Gaming Community Rules!

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Apr 9, 2020
Every community, workplace and household have their own set of rules and in that sense Fractured Gaming is no different. The rules are there to uphold order and give clarity of what is expected, because without a basic set of rules things will take a turn south fast.

Not everyone is good with rules and that’s exactly the reason that rule number one is the most important one; “Read the rules”. Reading the rules before-hand helps you decide if we are a good fit for you prior to joining.

As we are a mature clan, we only have a handful of rules and most of them boil down to common sense.

We reserve the right to change these rules without prior notice.

1. Read the rules
-We expect our members to read the rules and be aware of them. Much like in real life, ignorance of the rules does not constitute as a defence of them.

2. Respect other members and the staff.
-The rule itself is self-explanatory. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

-The Fractured Gaming staff is formed from volunteers who put their time and effort in making this community what it is today. Show the staff the same respect they show you. They are still people and are here to enjoy themselves the same way you are.

3. As a member you are expected to be 100% committed to Fractured Gaming.
-We value loyalty and consistency. We are a close knit, social focused clan. We do not allow members to be part of multiple gaming organizations, teams or clans. You are either one of us or you are not. Clan hopping is not tolerated. This will lead in a removal from the clan. If you are the type that hops between clans etc. Fractured Gaming might not be the right fit for you.

4. Don’t take activity out of Fractured Gaming.
-If you are playing with members of Fractured Gaming do so in the Fractured Gaming channels. If members don’t play in the channels we provide and instead use 3rd party servers that result in activity being lost from Fractured Gaming, we will remove you. The end of the day, we must protect Fractured Gaming and the integrity of the community. If members are being pulled away from Fractured Gaming then we’re losing that activity.

5. No recruiting to other servers, clans, teams or communities.

6. Mind what you say/post in the chats.
-We are adults and we are all expected to act the age. Friendly banter is fine, and encouraged within our community, but there are certain things we cannot allow. These include but isn’t limited to: Pornographic content, toxicity, abusive language that is targeted to hurt someone. If you think something shouldn’t be said, it's probably a good thing to not say it. Use common sense. You might think you were being funny and quirky but that might not be the general view of it.

No one should be afraid of opening our discord in public/work and have for example some pornographic content to pop up. Your girl/boss/co-workers saw that? Yikes. Looks like you have some explaining to do. Even then, by the look on their faces; I’m not really sure if they actually believe you...

7. All Fractured Gaming chats are moderated to a certain extent.
-If we (the staff) find something in the chat that breaks the Fractured Gaming's code of conduct, it will get removed. No explanation will be given other than the member will be pointed to read the Fractured Gaming rules. We don’t remove stuff from the chat just for fun.

8. Don’t spam/post affiliate links for personal gain, sketchy links nor stream links with no direct connection to Fractured Gaming or its members.
-Nobody likes spam, it’s annoying; so, don’t do it. It’s evaluated case by case, but if push comes to shove it might get you instantly removed from the clan.

If we find potentially harmful links in the chat, we do our best to remove them. Nobody likes to get their PC infected with nasty viruses, so don’t do it.

9. Zero tolerance for discrimination, bullying, racism, sexism and every other ism out there.

10. No rage quitting/raging or acting like a knob.
-We are all here to have a good time, a good laugh and to chill between the hectic moments of real life. No one wants to listen to you raging about how that “should’ve been a headshot” in over dramatic way or you giving others lip because you happen to think you are better than everyone else.

11. You need to be active, but don’t fret!
-We all got things to do and real life comes first. We 100% agree and understand this. We only expect you to be active in voice chat 30 mins for every 2 weeks. We will never expel our members due inactivity; however, you will be marked inactive until you return. You will lose access to all the channels except the inactivity board. You can use the inactivity board to send a request to the staff to reinstate your member status. If you plan to be away for longer period, you can simply post on our website that you are on holiday so that we know.

12. 3-Strike Policy.

-We give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We like you. That’s why we have the 3-Strike Policy. However, once those strikes are up, you will be removed from the clan.
If you think some strike isn’t justified you have all the right to prove the claims wrong. At that point, however, a simple “I didn't do it” doesn’t cut it. The 3-strike policy can be circumvented by the higher management on a case by case basis.

13. Zero tolerance for any sort of cheating. Cheating will result in a ban.

14. If you have issues with another member or someone from the staff, don't air it out in the chats.
-That's equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the office just to get attention.
It's not constructive nor mature. Talk it out in private, shake hands and carry on.

We all still need to get along with each other.


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